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quotes on Freedom

  • `Freedom` means freedom from the mind. Then you are
    simply in a silence, and in that silence you melt, you merge with the
    whole. And to melt and merge with the whole is to be holy. Not by fasting,
    not by torturing, but by becoming one with the whole, one becomes holy.
  • Your freedom is a supreme value. Nothing is higher than
    that. But your freedom is possible only if you are not encaged in your
    habits, unconscious patterns of living. Change your gestalt from
    unconsciousness to consciousness.
  • Never follow anybody else`s idea — that is very
    dangerous because you will become imitative. Always follow your own
    nature, self-nature; only then will you attain to freedom. It is better to
    die following one`s nature than to live following somebody`s else`s
    nature, because that will be a pseudo life. To die following one`s nature
    is beautiful, because that death too will be authentic.
  • When sex becomes conscious it is love, it is no longer
    lust. Love brings freedom, and lust simply creates prisons for you.
  • Create inner freedom through witnessing. Sannyas is
    only for the inner freedom. And live out of inner freedom.
  • There is no other revolution except consciousness. It
    cuts the desires from the very roots and it brings freedom to you.
  • The most fundamental message of Gautama the Buddha is
    not God, is not soul… it is freedom: freedom absolute, total,
    unconditional. He does not want to give you an ideology, because every
    ideology creates its own slavery.
  • Desire is our imprisonment. The man who wants nothing,
    who is absolutely contented as he is, is free of all bondage. He has
    attained to ultimate freedom, nirvana — and that is the goal of life. And
    it is only by attaining that freedom that you will know the significance
    of being, the song of being, the celebration of being. Your life will
    become a continuous bliss, and not only that YOU will be blissful, you
    will be able to bless others too. The whole existence will be blessed by
    you, by your very presence.
  • Buddha says: Meditation brings two things. It brings
    wisdom, it brings freedom. These two flowers grow out of meditation. When
    you become silent, utterly silent, beyond the mind, two flowers bloom in
    you. One is of wisdom: you know what is and what is not. And the other is
    of freedom: you know now there are no more any limitations on you, either
    of time or of space. You become liberated. Meditation is the key to
    liberation, to freedom, to wisdom.
  • Become aware, awake. Then you will see that everything
    comes and goes, all things come and pass. Life is a flux. Your
    consciousness is the only thing that is immovable, that is eternal. To
    attain it is freedom. To attain it is the goal of life. If you miss it you
    have missed your life and you have missed a tremendously great gift, a
    great opportunity.
  • All meditations are nothing but efforts to bring you to
    the present. When you live in the present moment, with no past hanging
    around you, with no future projection, you are free from life and death,
    you are free from body and mind. You are free — simply free — you are
  • Buddha says the greatest joy in life is freedom:
    freedom from all prejudices, freedom from all scriptures, freedom from all
    concepts and ideologies, freedom from all desires, freedom from all
    possessiveness and jealousy, freedom from all hatred, anger, rage, lust…
    in short, freedom from everything, so that you are just a pure
    consciousness, unbounded, unlimited. That is the greatest joy, and it is
    possible — it is within everybody`s grasp. You just have to grope for it
    a little. The groping will be in the dark, but it is not far away. If you
    try, if you make an effort, you are bound to find it. It is your
  • Beware of dreams! And watch your dreams day in, day
    out, because they are continuously there. You can watch them, and by
    watching them you will become unidentified with them, you will become a
    mirror reflecting them. And this brings great freedom. Freedom from dreams
    is freedom from the world.
  • Remember, until you become a buddha you have wasted
    your life. Buddhahood is your flowering, your fragrance. A tree is
    fulfilled when it blooms, and a man is fulfilled when he releases the
    fragrance of buddhahood, when he becomes luminous; then he comes to know
    who he is. In knowing that, all is known. In knowing that, God is known.
    In knowing that, truth is achieved — you become the truth, and truth
    liberates. Truth is freedom.
  • The man who is asleep reacts; he knows nothing of
    action. And reaction is a binding: it binds you into new prisons, new
    chains. Response is out of freedom, hence it brings more freedom. Reaction
    is out of the past; you act according to your memories, built-in by your
    experiences, conditionings. You react not to the present, not in the
    present. You don`t reflect the real situation as it is; you go on
    interpreting it according to your past, your past experiences. The man who
    is awake is like a mirror: he reflects that which is the case. HE IS
  • Hell means nothing but misery; it is a psychological
    state of misery, a state of negativity, a state of darkness, of utter
    loneliness. And heaven is joy, happiness, health, light. But there is a
    third word, moksha. Moksha means freedom, freedom from both heaven and
    hell, freedom from pain and pleasure — because pain binds you as much as
    pleasure binds you. Pain may be an ugly chain and pleasure may be a
    beautiful chain, decorated, maybe made of gold, but it chains you. Hell
    may be a poor place and heaven may be a very rich place but poverty and
    riches are two aspects of the same coin. One has to be free of both.

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