quotes on Existence

  • Always go with the river of life. Never try to go
    against the current, and never try to go faster than the river. Just move
    in absolute relaxation, so that each moment you are at home, at ease, at
    peace with existence.
  • Existence is god called through love, provoked through
    love. The moment you become capable of prayer, existence becomes god. The
    moment you become capable of deep love, life becomes god. It is a
    transfiguration of the same energy.
  • Existence always cares about you. If you are authentic,
    if your search is true and you are not a pretender, time will help you,
    will cooperate with you. Time from existence`s side, and patience on your
  • Lu-tsu says, `Accept the situation you are in. It must
    be the right situation for you; that`s why you are in it.` Existence cares
    for you. It is given to you not without any reason. It is not accidental;
    NOTHING IS accidental. Whatsoever is your need is given to you. If it were
    your need to be in the Himalayas, you would have been in the Himalayas.
    And when the need arises, you will find that either you go to the
    Himalayas or the Himalayas come to you. It happens… when the disciple is
    ready, the Master arrives. And when your inner silence is ready, God
    arrives. And whatsoever is needed on the path is always supplied.
    Existence cares, mothers.
  • My effort here is to help you to feel that existence is
    not indifferent towards you. It is deeply concerned about you, it cares
    for you, it loves you. and when one feels loved and cared for, one is
    capable of loving and caring. when existence pours its love into you, you
    start sharing your love with others. You become so burdened with love that
    you have to share. You cannot contain it, it is uncontainable. It starts
    spreading, radiating.
  • Mind moves through the opposite and existence is
    unitary. Existence is ADVAITA, existence is non-dual — there is no
    problem. Where is the boundary of the day, when the day stops, ceases to
    be, and the night starts? Is there a gap between the two? Only if there is
    a gap then the boundary is possible. But there is no boundary! The day
    simply melts into the night, it merges into the night, and the night again
    merges into the day. Life is one, existence is one — mind is dual. So if
    you go on choosing you will never come to the source. Then you will cling
    to life and you will be afraid of death. Then you will cling to love and
    you will be afraid of hate. Then you will cling to the good and you will
    be afraid of the bad. Then you will cling to God and you will be afraid of
    the Devil.
  • Think of God as the friend. There is no need to think
    of God as far away, distant; that creates difficulties. Think of Him as a
    friend who is walking by your side, following you like a shadow, who cares
    for you, who loves you and who needs you as much as you need Him. That is
    the meaning of a friend. The need is not one-sided: it is not only that
    you need Him — He also needs you. You are incomplete without Him and He
    is incomplete without you. That is the meaning of friendship: you both
    complement each other. This whole existence is interdependence. This small
    blade of grass is as significant, is needed, is required, as much as the
    greatest star. There is equality.
  • Only the childlike consciousness is capable of
    understanding all that is beautiful in life, all that is great in
    existence. And the whole existence is full of greatness, full of glories.
    This is the only existence there is; its beauty, its truth, is the only
    beauty and the only truth. But they are available only to the innocent
    people. Blessed are the innocent, for theirs is the kingdom of God.
  • Love also represents the innermost core of existence
    itself. Existence is not indifferent to you, it is not detached. It is
    committed to you, it cares for you. It may not care the way you want to be
    cared for, but it still cares in its own way. And what you expect may not
    really be your need, it may be just the opposite. Existence really
    fulfills your needs — not your likes and dislikes, not your wants, but
    your real, true, authentic needs are always taken care of. Existence
    cannot be indifferent to you: you are part of it. To be indifferent to you
    will mean it is indifferent to itself — that is impossible. Existence
    would have disappeared long ago if it was so.
  • Mind is dual, it always divides things into polar
    opposites: the conqueror and the conquered, the observer and the observed,
    the object and the subject, the day and the night. It goes on dividing
    things which are not divided. Neither is the day divided from the night,
    nor is birth divided from death. They are one energy. But mind goes on
    dividing everything into polarities, opposites. Nothing is opposite in
    existence; every contradiction is only apparent. Deep down all
    contradictions are meeting together.
  • The whole existence is surrounded by a divine energy
    that protects you, cares for you, is always available. If you go on
    missing it, it is only because of you. If you keep your doors closed, the
    sun may be outside but you will live in darkness. Even if the doors are
    open and the sun is there, you can keep your eyes closed and you will
    still live in darkness. So is the case with god: his love is always there
    but our hearts are not open, our hearts are closed.
  • The master is already merged into existence. Merging
    into the master you are really merging with existence itself. The master
    functions only as a door, and a door is an emptiness; you pass through it.
    The master is the door to the beyond.
  • Existence cares. When I say God cares I mean that
    existence cares for you, it is not indifferent. Let this be the foundation
    of your sannyas and then the temple can be raised very easily. It is easy
    to raise the temple once the foundation is rightly put. This is the
    foundation stone: remember that existence loves you, cares about you, is
    concerned about you; that you are not alienated, that you are not a
    stranger, that you are part of this great symphony, this orchestra, this
    celebration that goes on and on and knows no ending.
  • There is nothing in existence available without
    payment. If you want to know yourself, you will have to drop all false
    identities. They are your investments, they are your power, they are your
    prestige, they are your religion, they are your qualifications. It is
    difficult to drop them; it feels like death.
  • Jesus says: `Love thy neighbor as thyself` — again and
    again. And he also says: `Love thy enemy as thyself.` And if you analyze
    both the sentences together, you will come to find that the neighbor and
    the enemy are almost always the same person. `Love thy neighbor as
    thyself` and `Love thy enemy as thyself.` What does he mean? He simply
    means: don`t have any barriers for your compassion, for your love. As you
    love yourself, love the whole existence — because in the ultimate
    analysis the whole existence is yourself. It is you — reflected in many
    mirrors. It is you — it is not separate from you. Your neighbor is just a
    form of you; your enemy is also a form of you. Whatsoever you come across,
    you come across yourself. You may not recognize because you are not very
    alert; you may not be able to see yourself in the other, but then
    something is wrong with your vision, something is wrong with your eyes.
  • One can be blissful only if one understands this
    fundamental law of life, that god is our protection, that we are not
    orphans, that we are not accidents, that existence cares for us, that
    existence showers love, that existence is absolutely concerned about our
    welfare. Once this is understood, not only intellectually but
    existentially, once this is felt, once this becomes your own experience,
    life takes an absolutely new turn. One starts feeling blissful for no
    reason at all. Whereas before misery existed and persisted for no reason at
    all, now bliss exists for no reason at all. It is the same energy that was
    becoming misery because we were feeling alone, separated, afraid of this
    vast existence, struggling on our own with a small energy against the
    whole, knowing perfectly well that we were doomed to fail. That is why
    people are miserable.

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