Osho quotes on Frustration

quotes on Frustration
  • Expectation brings frustration. Private ambitions bring
  • All desiring is desiring for the futile. It leads only
    into frustration.
  • Any object of desire is bound to bring frustration. Any
    expectation is bound to turn into frustration. Expectation is the
    beginning of frustration, the very seed. Beware of it!
  • It is within your hands to be frustrated in life or
    not. Just your expectations should become smaller, smaller, smaller, and
    in the same proportion the frustration will become smaller. A day will
    come when there will be no expectation; then you will never come across
    any frustration.
  • Mind can only desire, and each desire is going to be
    frustrated. Instead of bringing more meditation, it will bring you more
    frustration. Instead of bringing you more love, it will bring to you more
    anger. Instead of silence and peace, it will bring more traffic of
  • How does one earn innocence? — by learning from
    frustration, by going deep into frustrations and realizing the fact that
    each frustration is an outcome of a certain dream. If you don`t want
    frustrations, drop dreaming. Life is not frustrating, dreaming is
  • There is no failure in life. It all depends how you
    take things. If you are desiring too much — you want to reach too high,
    and you cannot — then there is frustration and failure. But if you are
    not desiring anything and you are perfectly happy wherever you are, life
    is moment-to-moment victory.
  • Spiritual seeking means knowing this negative part:
    that desiring is the root cause of frustration. To desire is to create, of
    one`s own accord, a shell. Desiring is the world. To be worldly is to
    desire and to go on desiring, never becoming aware that each desire comes
    to nothing but frustration. Once you become aware of this, then you do not
    desire, or your only desire is to know what is.
  • When there is no expectation there is no possibility of
    frustration. Expectation is the mother of all frustrations; expectation
    gone, frustration disappears. And when there is no frustration in your
    life, life really becomes a bed of roses. Then God is a constant blessing;
    he goes on raining his grace, his beauty on you.
  • The mind lives through more, and the more cannot be
    fulfilled; that is impossible. IT ENDS IN TEARS. Every desire ends in
    frustration, because every expectation is the beginning of frustration.
    Why does every desire end in frustration? There are only two alternatives:
    either you achieve your object of desire or you don`t achieve it, but in
    both cases it will end in tears. If you achieve it you will see the utter
    futility of it all.
  • Desire means you are dragged out of the moment; that
    creates a tension, that creates anxiety, that creates hope. And then
    finally hope turns sour, becomes frustration. Each hope leads you into
    anguish. Buddha calls it the only impurity. Cut the roots of desire, live
    in the moment so totally, pull yourself out of the past and don`t project
    yourself into the future. Let this moment be all and all. And your life
    will have such a purity, such a crystal-clear consciousness that right now
    you cannot imagine.
  • This ego has all the desires, ambitions, wants to be
    always on the top of everything. You are exploited by this ego. And this
    never allows you even a glimpse of your real authentic self, and your life
    is there, in your authenticity. Hence, this ego only produces misery,
    suffering, fighting, frustration, madness, suicide, murder — all kinds of
  • If you expect anything out of love, or meditation, you
    will get only frustration, and negative emptiness will happen. If you love
    for the sheer joy of it, if you meditate for the sheer delight of it and
    you don`t have any result in mind — you are not goal-oriented — then
    there comes an emptiness which is positive. You start feeling full. You
    start feeling, for the first time, that you ARE. Being is felt, and that
    being is tremendously beautiful, blissful. It is SATCHITANANDA: it is
    existence, it is consciousness, it is bliss.
  • Life is a flux, nothing abides. Still we are such
    fools, we go on clinging. If change is the nature of life, then clinging
    is stupidity, because your clinging is not going to change the law of
    life. Your clinging is only going to make you miserable. Things are bound
    to change; whether you cling or not does not matter. If you cling you
    become miserable: you cling and they change, you feel frustrated. If you
    don`t cling they still change, but then there is no frustration because
    you were perfectly aware that they are bound to change. This is how things
    are, this is the suchness of life.
  • LIFE CAN BE LIVED IN TWO WAYS. One is that of the
    soldier, and the other, that of the sannyasin. Either you can fight with
    life or you can relax with life. Either you can try to conquer life or you
    can live in a deep let-go. The path of the soldier is the wrong path,
    because it is impossible to conquer life — the part cannot conquer the
    whole. Frustration and failure is absolutely certain. You can play around
    the idea, but it is not going to succeed; it is doomed to failure. The
    soldier tries to conquer the life, and in the end finds he has been
    crushed by life, defeated by life, destroyed by life.
  • When you expect ten lakh rupees and you get five lakhs
    you feel frustrated. If you are not expecting and you get five lakh rupees
    you are full of joy, thankfulness, gratitude. Don`t expect, and you see
    your whole life becomes a joy. Expect, and your whole life becomes a hell.
    Expectation is the cause. If you want to change, never start by the
    effect, start by the cause. Frustration is the effect. You can go on
    fighting with frustration — nothing will happen, you will become more and
    more frustrated. Start by the cause, always look for the cause. Whenever you
    are feeling miserable, go into it and find out where the cause is. and
    then it is up to you. If you want to drop the effect then avoid the cause;
    then become aware, more and more aware.

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