Osho quotes on Guilt

quotes on Guilt
  • I am here to help you unburden all your guilt feelings.
    I am here to help you to start trusting yourself again. Once you start
    trusting your own being, no politician, no priest can exploit you. Man is
    always exploited through fear.
  • I am utterly against any kind of guilt. Remember it
    always: if you start feeling guilty about something around me, then you
    are doing it on your own, then you are still carrying the voices of your
    parents, the priests within you; you have not yet heard me, you have not
    yet listened to me. I want you to be totally free of all guilt.
  • Parents create guilt. That is the greatest sin against
    humanity. To create guilt in a child is criminal because once the guilt is
    created, the child will never be free of it. Unless he is very intelligent
    it will be impossible for him to get rid of it; something of it will
    remain around him like a hangover.
  • Your politicians, priests, parents, they all are
    guilt-creators, because that is the only way that you can be controlled and
    manipulated. A very simple, but very cunning trick to manipulate you. They
    have condemned you, because if you are accepted, not condemned — loved,
    appreciated, and if it is relayed to you from everywhere that you are okay
    — then it will be difficult to control you. How to control a person who
    is absolutely okay? The very problem doesn`t arise.
  • Guilt simply says that you are a sinner. And the
    feeling of shame simply shows you that you need not be a sinner, that you
    are meant to be a saint. If you are a sinner it is only because of your
    unconsciousness; you are not a sinner because the society follows a
    certain morality and you are not following it.
  • This has to be your first lesson in sannyas: accept
    yourself, love yourself, drop all guilt, don`t divide yourself. There is
    nothing higher, nothing lower; all of you is divine. The lowest is as
    divine as the highest.
  • Guilt is imposed by others on you. It is a strategy of
    the priests to exploit. It is a conspiracy between the priest and the
    politician to keep humanity in deep slavery forever. They create guilt in
    you, they create great fear of sin. They condemn you, they make you
    afraid, they poison your very roots with the idea of guilt. They destroy
    all possibilities of laughter, joy, celebration. Their condemnation is
    such that to laugh seems to be a sin, to be joyous means you are worldly.
  • Sin is a technique of the pseudo-religions. A true
    religion has no need of the concept at all. The pseudo-religion cannot
    live without the concept of sin, because sin is the technique of creating
    guilt in people.
  • To create guilt, all that you need is a very simple
    thing: start calling mistakes, errors — sins. They are simply mistakes,
    human. Now, if somebody commits a mistake in mathematics — two plus two,
    and he concludes it makes five — you don`t say he has committed a sin. He
    is unalert, he is not paying attention to what he is doing. He is
    unprepared, he has not done his homework. He is certainly committing a
    mistake, but a mistake is not a sin. It can be corrected. A mistake does
    not make him feel guilty. At the most it makes him feel foolish.
  • Encounter every situation with your total
    consciousness, without any guilt. Enjoy music, enjoy food, enjoy love —
    enjoy everything that is natural.
  • Blessed are those who have known meditation. Only those
    few people are the blessed people; others are simply groping in darkness.
    Meditation gives you an inner light, and then wherever you are there is
    light and whatsoever you do, you do in full light and clarity. Hence there
    is never any guilt, no repentance, no looking back. Whatsoever one does,
    one feels that`s the only thing that can be done. It is always right.
  • If you really want to drop the guilt you will have to
    drop your parental voices within, the priestly voices within. You will
    have to get rid of your parents and your conditioning. Life has been in
    such a trap up to now that even a small child starts feeling guilty. We
    have not yet been able to develop an education which can help people to
    grow without feeling guilty. And unless that education happens man will
    remain ill, ill at ease.
  • Charity is to unburden you from your guilt, so you say,
    `I am doing something: I going to open a hospital, going to open a
    college. I give money to this charity fund, to that trust….` You feel a
    little happier. The world has lived in poverty, the world has lived in
    scarcity, ninety-nine percent of people have lived a poor life, almost
    starving and dying, and only one percent of people have lived with
    richness, with money — they have always felt guilty. To help them, the
    religions developed the idea of charity. It is to rid them of their guilt.
  • One wants to be admired because one has no respect for
    oneself. We are brought up with guilt feelings deeply rooted in us. From
    the very beginning we are condemned by the parents, by the teachers, by
    the priests, by the politicians, by the whole establishment. A single note
    is continuously repeated to every child: that `Whatsoever you are doing is
    not right. You are doing what should not be done and you are not doing
    what should be done.` Every child is given directly and indirectly the
    impression that he is not really wanted, that his parents are tired, that
    he is being somehow tolerated, that he is a nuisance.
  • Just enjoy life with no barrier, with no guilt, with no
    inhibition. If you can enjoy life with no guilt and no inhibition, a great
    compassion for your parents will arise in you. Now you will not be able to
    see how this can function…. No child is ever able to forgive his parents
    unless he becomes guiltless, because parents mean guilt. They have created
    the guilt, the basic guilt: do this, don`t do that; be like this and don`t
    be like that. They were the first creative elements, but they were also
    destructive. They helped the child to grow, they loved the child, but they
    had their own minds and conditionings and they tried to impose those
    conditionings on the child. So every child hates the parents.

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