Osho quotes on Surrender

quotes on Surrender
  • Surrendering means non-desiring.
  • An enlightened person is the richest person possible,
    but his richness comes from surrender, not from fight. He does not… he
    has not any conflict with the whole. He has fallen in harmony, he is in a
  • Man has nothing else to do but surrender — in deep
    trust, in deep love. Don’t be a doer, just surrender. Let there be a
  • Surrender is just like love. That’s why I say only
    lovers can become sannyasins — because they know a little of how to
    surrender. Love is the first step towards the divine, surrender is the
    last. And two steps is the whole journey.
  • Drop the mind and the divine. God is not an object, it
    is a merger. The mind resists a merger, the mind is against surrender; the
    mind is very cunning and calculating.
  • Surrender is not something that you can do. If you do
    it, it is not surrender, because the doer is there. Surrender is a great
    understanding that, “I am not.” Surrender is an insight that the
    ego exists not, that, “I am not separate.” Surrender is not an
    act but an understanding.
  • Meditation is a surrender, it is not a demand. It is
    not forcing existence your way, it is relaxing into the way existence
    wants you to be. It is a let-go.
  • The essential surrender happens within you, it has
    nothing to do with anybody outside you. The basic surrender is a
    relaxation, a trust — so don’t be misguided by the word.
    Linguistically, surrender means to surrender to somebody, but religiously,
    surrender simply means trust, relaxing. It is an attitude rather than an
    act: you live through trust.

  • Enlightenment is always through surrender, but
    surrender is achieved through intelligence. Only idiots cannot surrender.
    To surrender you need great intelligence. To see the point of surrender is
    the climax of insight; to see the point that you are not separate from
    existence is the highest that intelligence can give to you.
  • Surrender is not towards somebody; it is simply a way
    of life. A God is not needed to surrender to. There are religions which
    believe in God, there are religions which don’t believe in God, but all
    religions believe in surrender. So surrender is the real God.
  • Surrender is the quantum leap from mind to no-mind,
    from ego to egolessness. And in a single step the whole journey is
    contained. It is not a long journey from you to God, it is a single-step
    journey. It is not a gradual phenomenon; it is not that slowly slowly,
    gradually you come to the divine. It is a quantum leap! One moment you
    were in darkness and the next moment all is light. All that is needed is
    to put the ego aside.
  • With this ego arises all the problems, the thousand and
    one problems. This ego will not allow you to fall in love and millions of
    problems will arise in your life. This ego would like everybody to
    surrender to you; this ego will not allow you to surrender to anybody —
    and love happens only when you surrender. When you force somebody to
    surrender, it is hate, destruction, it is not love.
  • Surrender means seeing that “I am not separate”
    — just SEEING that “I am not separate.” Nothing is surrendered,
    nothing is dropped; just a nonsense idea, a dream is no more there because
    you are awake.
  • If one can surrender, if one can trust the Master, one
    has surrendered to God, one has trusted God. And sooner or later one is
    bound to come out under the sky. One will remain grateful to the Master
    forever because without the window there was no sky, there were only
    walls. But one has to go through the Master and go beyond. One should not
    cling to the window; the window frame should not become a hindrance.
  • We are afraid of love because Love is a small death.
    Love requires that we should surrender, and we don’t want to surrender at
    all. We would like the OTHER to surrender, we would like the other to be a
    slave. But the same is the desire from the other side: man wants the woman
    to be a slave; and of course the woman also wants the same, the SAME
    desire is there. Their methods of enslaving each other may be different,
    but the desire is the same.
  • My own observation is: lovers don’t surrender to each
    other, they surrender to something unknown that exists between them. They
    surrender to love — call it the ‘god of love’ — they both surrender to
    the god of love. Hence nobody’s ego is fulfilled by your surrender; both
    the egos disappear in love.
  • Lovers NEVER surrender to each other, lovers simply
    surrender to love.
  • Buddha says if you surrender the ego, if you surrender
    yourself, you come in a harmony with the law and everything starts
    happening on its own. You have but to surrender. If you are ready to
    disappear, you will be full of the law and the law will take care.
  • The reality is just the opposite: the master does
    nothing. It is in your becoming a disciple that the whole mystery lies. It
    is in your surrender of the ego that the whole search comes to an
    authentic point. It is in putting your mind aside. That is what sannyas
    is: an authentic discipleship. It means putting your mind aside. You have
    lived according to your mind up to now. If that is fulfilling, then there
    is no need for anybody to become a sannyasin.
  • The Christian, the Mohammedan, the Jew — their
    emphasis is on the second: to die as soon as possible, to surrender to
    God. Prayer is their way. Prayer means dying, dying and disappearing as a
    person, becoming part of the universal, a surrender, a trust in God. The
    whole emphasis is on how to surrender your ego, sacrifice your ego, at the
    altar of the divine.
  • Buddha has said to his disciples: Whenever you
    meditate, after each meditation, surrender all that you have earned out of
    meditation, surrender it to the universe. If you are blissful, pour it
    back into the universe — don’t carry it as a treasure. If you are feeling
    very happy, share it immediately — don’t become attached to it, otherwise
    your meditation itself will become a new process of the self. And the
    ultimate meditation is not a process of self. The ultimate meditation is a
    process of getting more and more into un-self, into non-self — it is a
    disappearance of the self.
  • Listening is totally different from hearing. Hearing,
    anybody who is not deaf can do. Listening is a rare art, one of the last
    arts. Listening means not only hearing with the ears but hearing from the
    heart, in utter silence, in absolute peace, with no resistance. One has to
    be vulnerable to listen, and one has to be in deep love to listen. One has
    to be in utter surrender to listen.
  • To love God means to surrender, to trust, to be ready
    to die into Him, because dying in God is the beginning of a new life; it
    is resurrection. Love has to become such an intense flame that it bums you
    out, that you are not left behind, that you are consumed in it. If you are
    not, the Guest comes.
  • One has to become feminine. One has to become receptive
    rather than being aggressive. One has to learn the art of relaxation
    rather than learning the strategies of how to conquer the world and the
    reality. Truth is not going to be a conquest, it is going to be a total
    surrender. One has to become a host, one has to open up, one has to be
    just a receptivity so the wind can come in, the rain can come in, the sun
    can come in. And just hidden behind the sun and the rain and the wind one
    day comes the Guest. And the Guest does not come from the outside, it
    arises within you. God is the Guest. But you have to be a host first, you
    have to learn the art of being a host. You have to become a welcome, you
    have to become a prayer, you have to become an invitation, and you have to
    become a waiting, an infinite waiting. If it takes ages for Him to come
    you have to wait, of course with tears in your eyes but with tremendous
    trust in the heart.
  • I repeat again: the male mind is egoistic. You have to
    learn the way of the feminine, you have to become egoless, you have to
    learn the path of surrender. You have to learn how to melt into existence,
    how to become one with the rivers and the mountains and the clouds, how to
    feel affinity, attunement, at-onement. And then slowly, slowly you become
    a host. The day you are a host, the Guest comes.

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