Osho quotes on Tantra

quotes on Tantra
  • It is only Tantra that has never been male
    chauvinistic. In fact, to go into Tantra you will need the cooperation of
    a wise woman; without a wise woman you will not be able to enter into the
    complex world of Tantra.
  • Tantra thrives in the marketplace, in the thick of
    life. It is not an attitude of negation; it is utter positivity. Only a
    woman can teach Tantra. Somebody asked me why I have chosen Kaveesha to be
    the group leader for Tantra – only a woman can be a Tantra group leader.
    It will be difficult for a man. Yes, sometimes a man can also be, but then
    he will have to become very very feminine. A woman is already; she has
    already those qualities, those loving, affectionate qualities; she
    naturally has that care, that love, that feeling for the soft.
  • Tantra believes in being, not in action and character.
  • Tantra is absolutely beyond society, culture and
    civilization. It says if you are too much cultured you will lose all that
    is natural, and then you will be a mechanical thing, not floating, not
    flowing. So don’t force a structure around you – live moment to
    moment, live with alertness. And this is a deep thing to be understood.
  • The third thing to be remembered about Tantra: it says
    the more cultured, the more civilized a person, the less is the
    possibility of his Tantric transformation. The less civilized, the more
    primitive, the more alive a person is. The more you become civilized, the
    more you become plastic – you become artificial, you become too much
    cultivated, you lose your roots into the earth. You are afraid of the
    muddy world. You start living away from the world; you start posing
    yourself as though you are not of the world. Tantra says: To find the real
    person you will have to go to the roots.
  • Tantra is a great yea-sayer; it says yes to everything.
    It has nothing like ”no” in its vocabulary, there is no negation. It
    never says no to anything, because with no the fight starts, with no you
    become the ego. The moment you say no to anything, you have become the ego
    already; a conflict has come in, now you are at war.
  • Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says
    no to anything whatsoever, because everything is part of the whole, and
    everything has its own place in the whole, and the whole cannot exist
    without anything missing from it.
  • Tantra is not concerned with your clothes, tantra is
    concerned with you. If you ask a question it shows where you are. It shows
    also that wherever you are you cannot see; that is why there is the
  • Tantra says you are a noise right now as you are.
    Nothing is wrong in it – simply you don’t have a center. Once you have
    a center, everything falls in line, and everything becomes beautiful.
  • Tantra says a transformation is possible, but
    destruction? – no. And a transformation comes when you accept your total
    being. Then suddenly everything falls in line, then everything takes its
    own place; then anger is also absorbed, then greed is also absorbed. Then
    without trying to cut anything out of your being, your whole being
    rearranges itself. If you accept and say yes, a rearrangement happens, and
    whereas before there was a noisy clamor inside, now a melody, a music is
    born, a harmony comes in.

  • Tantra says, ”Be yourself” – and that is the only
    being you can achieve ever. With acceptance desires fall. With acceptance,
    a desirelessness comes into being by itself. You don’t practice it, you
    don’t force it upon yourself. You don’t cut your desires – just by
    accepting, they disappear.
  • For tantra, doing is knowing, and there is no other
    knowing. Unless you do something, unless you change, unless you have a
    different perspective to look at, to look with, unless you move in an
    altogether different dimension than the intellect, there is no answer.
    Answers can be given – they are all lies. All philosophies are lies. You
    ask a question and the philosophy gives you an answer. It satisfies you or
    does not satisfy you. If it satisfies you, you become a convert to the
    philosophy, but you remain the same. If it does not  satisfy you, you go
    on searching for some other philosophy to be converted to. But you remain
    the same; you are not touched at all, you are not changed.
  • Tantra is a great teaching. It does not teach about
    acts, it teaches only about your being. Who you are is the point – fast
    asleep, snoring, or awake? Who are you  alert, conscious, or moving in
    a hypnosis? Are you a sleepwalker? or are you awake, alert, whatsoever you
    do? Do you do it with self-remembrance? No. It happens  you don’t know
    why, from where it comes, from what part of the unconscious comes an urge
    which possesses you, and you have to act.

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