Osho quotes on Violence

quotes on Violence
  • The terrorism is not in the bombs, in your hands; the
    terrorism is in your unconscious.

  • Ambition is violence, the very effort to succeed in the
    world is violent.
  • You will have to go deep into man. From where comes
    this violence? From where comes this exploitation? From where come all
    these ego-trips? From where? They all come from unconsciousness. Man lives
    asleep, man lives mechanically. That mechanism has to be broken, man has
    to be re-done. That is the religious revolution that has not been tried.
  • My disciples are vegetarian not as a cult, not as a
    creed. They are vegetarians because their meditations make them more
    human, more of the heart, and they can see the whole stupidity of people
    killing living beings for their food. It is their sensitivity, their
    aesthetic awareness that makes them vegetarians.
  • A totally different attitude is needed: the attitude of
    love. Christ brings love to the world. He destroys law, the very basis of
    it. That was his crime; that’s why he was crucified — because he was
    destroying the whole basis of this criminal society; he was destroying the
    whole foundation rock of this criminal world, the world of wars, and
    violence, and aggression. He gave a totally new foundation stone.
  • As you become more conscious of your cruelty, of your
    violence, gross and subtle, you start becoming more and more
    compassionate. Not that you cultivate compassion. Just by becoming aware
    of your cruelty, violence, ugliness… the very awareness brings new
    changes in you. And the energy that was involved in cruelty, in violence,
    starts changing. The same energy becomes purified, the same energy becomes
  • Unless we cut the world population there is no way to
    avoid violence. People are hungry, people are starving, dying. When
    somebody is hungry he is going to steal. When somebody is dying, what does
    he care if he kills somebody else and gets money to survive? — because
    lust for life is the basis of all biological growth. A man can do anything
    to survive.
  • Just for a few tiny buds on your tongue you are killing
    live animals, with no sensitivity, with no awareness, with no love. It
    seems impossible; how can a man who has known love be capable of doing
    such things? A man who loves his wife, who loves his children goes on
    eating meat? Impossible.
  • You can go on doing rituals, but if your heart is full
    of violence. if you have a loaded gun in the heart… and that’s what the
    case is. Mohammedans have been fighting with Hindus. Hindus have been
    fighting with Mohammedans; Christians have been killing Mohammedans,
    Mohammedans have been killing Christians. Religions have been a calamity
    to the world, not a blessing, a curse, not a benediction. More people have
    been killed, butchered, murdered, raped, in the name of religion than in
    any other name. This is very strange! Prayer is on the lips, and a loaded
    gun in the heart. Unless your inner violence disappears, you cannot be
  • The more you are unaware of what you are doing and the
    more you can do things that are evil. When I say a thing is evil, I do not
    mean the content of it. I say a thing is evil when it creates
    unconsciousness unnecessarily: that is my definition. I do not say
    violence is bad because you will kill someone. I say violence is bad
    because you cannot be violent without unconsciousness. That
    unconsciousness is the evil, because that unconsciousness is the
    background, the basis, of all ignorance, of all dreams, of all illusions,
    of all the nonsense that we can create. Evil is nothing more than an
    unconscious mind.
  • I want to make meditation an absolute for all students,
    whatever the subject they may be studying, so their awareness becomes more
    and more clean and clear. And out of that clarity we can create a
    beautiful world. Those scientists, if they are also meditators, will not
    create atomic bombs to destroy. They may use atomic energy to move trains
    so they don’t pollute the air. They may use that atomic energy in the
    factories so they don’t pollute air. Rather than killing man, the same atomic
    energy can be a tremendous help to save man and his future.
  • Buddhas have a strength which is not of this world.
    Their strength is totally of love… Like a rose flower or a dewdrop.
    Their strength is very fragile, vulnerable. Their strength is the strength
    of life not of death. Their power is not of that which kills; their power
    is of that which creates. Their power is not of violence, aggression;
    their power is that of compassion.
  • Everything that is of authentic value in life has
    arisen out of meditation. There is no other way. Meditation is the mother
    of art, music, poetry, dance, sculpture. All that is creative, all that is
    life-affirmative, is born out of meditation. All that is life-negative —
    hate, anger, jealousy, violence, war — is born out of the mind. Man has
    two possibilities: mind and meditation.
  • Love needs no reference — that’s the beauty of love
    and the freedom of love. Hate is a bondage. Hate is imprisonment —
    imposed by you upon yourself. And hate creates hate, hate provokes hate.
    If you hate somebody you are creating hate in that person’s heart for
    yourself. And the whole world exists in hate, in destructiveness, in
    violence, in jealousy, in competitiveness. People are at each other’s
    throats either in reality, actuality, in action, or at least in their
    minds, in their thoughts, everybody is murdering, killing. That’s why we
    have created a hell out of this beautiful earth — which could have become
    a paradise. Love, and the earth becomes a paradise again. And the immense
    beauty of love is that it has no reference. Love comes from you for no
    reason at all. It is your outpouring bliss, it is your sharing of your
    heart. It is the sharing of the song of your being. And sharing is so
    joyful — hence one shares! Sharing for sharing’s sake, for no other
  • Out of your awareness you cannot become soldiers in a
    war because you will be able to see, with clear eyes, that you are going
    to kill people — people who have done no harm to you personally, people
    just like you. They have their children, their wives, their mothers, their
    old fathers to take care of — and you are killing the person just to get
    a gold medal. Your gun will slip out of your hand, and that will be an act
    of awareness. And you will feel tremendously blissful that it happened;
    even if you are being shot your death will be a glory, a peace, an
    adventure, a journey into a new world.

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