Osho story on Trust


This saying comes from a small
A Master was traveling with one of
his disciples. The disciple was in charge of taking care of the camel. They
came in the night, tired, to a caravanserai. It was the disciple’s duty to
tether the camel; he didn’t bother about it, he left the camel outside. Instead
of that he simply prayed. He said to God, “Take care of the camel,” and fell
In the morning the camel was gone —
stolen or moved away, or whatsoever happened. The Master asked, “What happened
to the camel? Where is the camel?”
And the disciple said, “I don’t
know. You ask God, because I had told Allah to take care of the camel, and I
was too tired, so I don’t know. And I am not responsible either, because I had
told Him, and very clearly! There was no missing the point. Not only once in
fact, I told Him thrice. And you go on teaching ‘Trust Allah’, so I trusted.
Now don’t look at me with anger.”
The Master said, “Trust in Allah but
tether your camel first — because Allah has no other hands than yours.”
If He wants to tether the camel He
will have to use somebody’s hands; He has no other hands. And it is your camel!
The best way and the easiest and the shortest, the most short, is to use your
hands. Trust Allah. Don’t trust only your hands, otherwise you will become
tense. Tether the camel and then trust Allah.You will ask, “Then why trust
Allah if you are tethering the camel?” — because a tethered camel can also be
stolen. You do whatsoever you can do: that does not make the result certain,
there is no guarantee.
So you do whatsoever you can, and
then whatsoever happens, accept it. This is the meaning of tether the camel: do
whatever is possible for you to do, don’t shirk your responsibility, and then
if nothing happens or something goes wrong, trust Allah. Then He knows best.
Then maybe it is right for us to travel without the camel.

It is very easy to trust Allah and
be lazy. It is very easy not to trust Allah and be a doer. The third type of
man is difficult — to trust Allah and yet remain a doer. But now you are only
instrumental; God is the real doer, you are just instruments in His hands.

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