Thinking Good Thoughts

Good Thoughts

One of the things that will keep you feeling down
and depressed is by allowing too many negative thoughts to take your brain
hostage. No one has ever fought off those feelings of unhappiness with
negativity, and that’s one of the first things that you should remember when
you’re starting to feel like you want to throw yourself off of the Empire State
Building. Enter the practice of thinking only good thoughts.
You may be thinking that this is not possible; that
just thoughts will not change anything for you. That’s where you would be
incredibly wrong. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in things like
energy for it to work. The fact is that the sort of thoughts you dwell on and
the words you speak affect how you feel. For example, if you’ve got some sort
of special occasion that you need to attend and you’re just positive that
something will go horribly wrong, chances are that it will pour rain on that
night and you’ll have a flat tire on the way. By the time you arrive at the
special event, it will be at least thirty minutes late and you’ll resemble a
drowned rat. The fact that you worried so much about it may very well have
sealed your fate.
Consider that the negative energy that you send out
to the Universe about anything in your life can go a long way to bringing just
that to you. The great news is that it also works the other way. When you think
good thoughts, you’re sending out positive energy for this same Universe to
react to. In that way, you’re much more likely to bring good things into your
This is something that anyone feeling down and
depressed about something specific or just life in general should keep in mind.
The more you allow yourself to wallow in your bad mood, the more you’re likely
to feel worse about everything. On the other hand, even if you have to force
yourself, only allow some good thoughts to enter your head. When you find
yourself thinking you’re fat and unattractive, focus on your good qualities.
You may have gorgeous eyes or great hair or a beautiful smile. Concentrate on
those traits and don’t allow yourself to think about the traits you have that
you dislike. You can figure out how to change those later. First, you must
start looking in a positive direction.

The less negative thoughts you allow to enter your
head the better you’re going to start feeling about yourself and your life.
Granted, this may not have the same immediate effect on you as, say, a Valium
or Xanax would, but thinking good thoughts will have a much more permanent
effect on your life and how you view it. Once you start driving away any bad
thoughts and only letting in positive ones, you’re going to notice an
improvement such as you never thought you would experience. Start thinking
those good thoughts without delay and you’ll never look back. 

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