Your Quest to Being a Complete Person

Your Quest to Being a Complete Person
is not easy to appreciate life, most especially if things are not exactly going
well for you. It is not easy to appreciate the good things, when you are
constantly reminded of what you lack, what you do not have, and what you will
never ever have. When you look at other people’s lives, do you often get
envious of how they live, what they have accomplished and then look at yourself
and think so lowly about yourself? One thing is for sure, you are not the only
failure in this world and you should not be too hard on yourself. What you have
to focus on is not the fact that you are not getting what you want in life, but
how and what would you do, to be able to finally make things happen for you.
at Things from a Different Perspective
you are unhappy about your life, then you have to find a way to make things
better for yourself. You will need to pinpoint certain things about yourself
that needs improvement, and then you need to identify specific goals that you
want to attain. You do this because you are tired of how your life is going.
You do this because you want to be able to improve yourself, you want to gain
freedom from failure, poverty and emotional catastrophe and you do this because
you want to be happy. A lot of people try all kinds of silly things in an
effort to bring happiness into their lives. They think that if they change
their environment, they will be more satisfied. They fail to realize that the
answer lies within them. If you want to be happy, you have to fix yourself from
within, because everything else will just fall in place.
Person You Ought to Be
you are complete and stable inside, no amount of trouble and worry can get you
down. That is why being mature and complete is important. A complete person is:
Strong and courageous.
You have to be courageous enough to fight battles, even if you are emotionally,
physically and mentally incapable of facing your opponents. At the same time,
you have to be courageous enough to take risks, because you understand that
there is promise when you allow your wings to spread.
Wise and objective.
Always make decisions based on careful thought. When you are faced with a
situation always attempt to make a sound decision by exploring all your options
and looking at things in objectively.
Grateful and
appreciative of things. You have to learn to embrace what you have and be
grateful for both the good and the bad. You have to know how to appreciate
people around you, for who they are and what they can do for you. You have to
know how to appreciate opportunities that come, whatever they may be because by
doing so you can take great advantage of them for your very gain. There is so
much to be grateful for in this life. Wasting your time lamenting about your misfortunes
will do you no good.
complete person does not feel complete because he has money, power and fame.
Rather, he feels complete because everything else is just an added bonus, life
itself is a blessing to him.

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